About Me

Hi, I’m Denise and I started this blog to show other moms, and even dads, that they are not alone with how they feel about parenting! I’m a single mom in my late forties with two active kids that are 8 and 10 years old. My “motto” is to be positive, look at your challenges, and turn them into victories. I want to use humor in this blog to showcase motherhood and build a community, by bringing other moms together. There is no better way than HAPPY HOUR to get moms talking! I also have a podcast Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour where we do just that. We have cocktails while we converse about our experiences. Once the drinks start flowing, it gets REAL very quickly.

About My Kids:


I love my children and I want to set a great example for them. They are the ones that keep me strong and help me move forward every day! They provide me with stress, mess, humor and my daughter loves to tell me when I am being too fancy. Most of all they keep me honest and full of love! This blog is about just that; being honest about how I/we feel about being mommies. whether it is an experience that shows how much love is in our family or a very hard parenting situation. I’m the mom that says what everyone else is thinking and doesn’t want to say.

I am overwhelmed by all the encouragement I am receiving from the moms and dads, since I have started this blog and podcast!  This is a journey for all of us and I look forward for us all to take it together with humor and a few cocktails!


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