Kids with Special Needs and virtual learning

This podcast was personal for me.  Thank you to my girlfriend Amy for doing my podcast for the second time.  You hear so much about our kids and virtual learning and how hard it is and the challenges that they go through.  But you don’t hear about the children with special needs as much.  Aside from Amy – my best friend of over 25 plus years has a beautiful son who is autistic, and she talks to me a little about what it has been like for him homeschooling.  How it feels as a parent to not be able to help your child in their schoolwork because you are not trained as a Special Ed teacher.  These teachers are trained in understanding how to work with your children.  I cannot even image because I know how hard it is to teach children without special needs.  My heart just goes out to all of us mothers during this difficult year of trying to keep our children engaged in learning and helping them where we can.  With that being said I asked Amy to come on the podcast to share her story…

Amy is truly an inspiration because she works hard to find whatever tools, she needs to make sure her daughter who is autistic have everything she needs to be successful in her school journey.  Her daughter is in the 8th grade and struggles with virtual learning.  Her entire routine is gone and that is a hard adjustment to make for anyone especially a child that needs to have that routine to keep them going.  Amy talked openly about how hard it’s been on and her family.  Her daughter was struggling to focus and learn in a new environment and new routine.  Trying to keep up with a full school load and not understanding all the assignments.  Amy said that it was hard to watch her try and figure out her assignments.  Her daughters school load did not change but Amy and her family were not equipped with the tools they needed to properly teach her.  She said it was hard to watch her daughter not be able to complete the assignments.  Her daughter started to get physical with herself.  Amy was extremely truthful about their situation.  This is truly a must listen to podcast.  Amy provides some many different tools she used to help her daughter over come her challenges. You can find Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour on Anchor, Apple and Spotify.  Please look us up and take a listen.  Pass this along to any mom you think this would help.  As moms we know it takes a village and sometimes the village isn’t just our closest friends and family.

Kids with special needs and virtual learning Podcast

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