Throwing Myself in the Deep END AGAIN!

Time to get outside my comfort zone again.  I have been working on a way to expand the Mommy’s Guide Brand.  I love doing the podcast, but with COVID and everything that went on with having the kids home, a lot of moms did not have the time to be a guest.  I plan to continue them, and I have reached out to a few moms about being on.  I am waiting for some dates and I think the shows will be very relatable.  But it’s time to push myself again or throw myself into the deep end!  My girlfriends and I always say, “It takes a village”.  I started thinking about that more and more.  How can Mommy’s Guide help?  I have been looking at different options and how I might what to start this new venture – I even thought about giving it a new name but Mommy’s Guide goes with so many different things.  I incorporated Mommy’s Guide so I can expand and add to it.  Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour will be my fun place where moms can come and share their real experiences on motherhood, dating, kids, husbands and so on.  Mommy’s Guide to Organize is where we can come to you and help you EDIT – DECLUTTER – ORGANZIE your space.  We all have rooms that we wished looked better even me.  I have always loved to make my space look nice but lived in.  I think that is why I buy fresh flowers every week and make an arrangement for my kitchen island.  No one else in my house cares but I do.  It makes me feel good to see the flowers.  If nothing else that space looks beautiful and it’s easy to do each week.  I look forward to working with other moms to help them with their space.  Make it look fresh and beautiful, so they love walking into the room and not shut the door, so they don’t have to see it.  It’s great if you are looking to put your house on the market and want to EDIT – DECLUTTER – ORGANIZE your space.  If you are like me sometimes, I just need to purge my stuff to feel lighter.  The holidays are coming up and if you have kids like me, I need to give away a lot of the old toys and clothes to make room for the new things that Santa is going to bring.  These are all things that we don’t necessarily want to do ourselves, but we know it needs to get done.  Mommy’s Guide to Organize can help you with this.  I want to help other moms after a long day of homeschooling, working, and doing all the mom things that we do just relax and put their feet up with a glass of wine!  I am looking forward to the next step of Mommy’s Guide. 

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