My Journey to Fifty

When I was a little girl I though Fifty was old, and your life was almost over.  I thought by the time I am fifty there would be lots of lines on my face, around my eyes and my hair would be almost grey.  Well if I could talk to that little girl now, I would have a lot to tell her about what fifty looks like.  This is my last year in my forties.  I just turned forty-nine and I thought it would be fun to take the next year and document my journey to fifty.  Fifty today is much different than fifty was fifty years ago.  Let us call this you can only turn forty-nine once tour and we are going to live it up.  Document the good, bad, crazy, sad, scary, funny, tears, joy and love that comes with it.  I have 365 days to enjoy my last year in my forties and I want to do just that.

I never thought at this point in my life I would still be raising kids.  Honestly, I never knew If I would have kids.  I guess I figured just one day it would happen.  When it finally happened, I never imagined it would be so late in life.  But I think they are the ones that keep me young.  The lack of down time and lack of quite time keeps me going.  I have friends with kids heading off to college and getting married but not me mine they are in fourth and fifth grade and I’m just fine with that.  I know they look at me and sometimes think I’m crazy with my 70’s music playing in the car that is when it’s not country…  I want to keep the fun alive for them and maybe that’s because I am older, wiser, and less nervous as a younger version of myself might have been.  I can show them what it looks like NOT to struggle as a young divorced mom but a mom that was already established with her own business and home before I was ever married.

This year I want to do more things out of my comfort zone.  I am open to suggestions – what should I try?  I know I do not want to jump out of a plane because I am afraid of heights but something new and fun.  I want to look back on this year and smile and maybe say 49 was the best year of my life! I hope you take this journey with me.  You only turn Forty-Nine ONCE Tour!

Happy 49th Birthday

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