How to take the “SUCK” out of “SUCCESS”

This podcast is much different then my previous ones.  My topics are always so mommy focused about kids, girlfriend time, and relationships with a little work sprinkled in.  Not this one it’s all business with a little mommy sprinkled in.  My guest Tori Boats brought her “A” game to help all of us be better women entrepreneurs.  Tori is a strategy and performance expert, keynote speaker and a mom of three.  She is all energy and knows how to kick ass and get things done.  I am ready to start another business after talking with her.  The podcast is about two women that want to achieve greatness in their careers and the fact that we have different goals is what makes this podcast great for everyone.  If you already have your own business but feel you are missing something or thinking about starting your own business but feel you do not have the time because of your family this is the podcast for you.  People think I am nuts because I want to build Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour into a brand and have my podcasts blow up but guess what I DO!  Don’t let family, friends, co-workers – anyone tell you that you can’t.  If you do not try how will you know.  Building my consulting business took years and I am in my 15th year and guess what family and friends thought I was nuts, but I am still going strong.  This is such a fun and informative podcast – check us out on Spotify and follow Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour on Instagram @mommysguidetohappyhour and Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour FB page.  Check Tori out @toriboats and and

Tori Boats

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