It has been a while since I have written a blog.  My priorities shifted and I started focusing more on the podcast and less on the blog.  I felt I could not do both and provide good content or maybe I was just being lazy.  I realized I needed to get back to the basics and write about my experiences and what is important to me as a mom.  I also went back to the old school way of doing my podcast which is just audio no video.  I want it to be an easy conversation like it once was when I started out…    

There have been so many changes in my life that I wanted to share.  First, we must address the elephant in the room which is COVID 19.  All our lives have changed due to this pandemic and we have all had to adjust the way we live our lives.  I am going to be honest it SUCKS!!!  And that is me being nice.  I am a social butterfly in every way, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being around my family and friends.  I enjoy going out to dinner with my kids, my partner, and my GIRLFRIENDS!

When the pandemic started, we had no idea what we were in for.  I remember the day the Governor came on to announce they were closing schools for two weeks.  I was at my favorite spot with Brad enjoying a cocktail and dinner.  I thought what am I going to do with the kids for two weeks!  Little did I know that they would never go back to finish the school year and I would become their teacher.  This was one of the hardest times I have faced as a mom.  Becoming their homeschool teacher was not something that I easily embraced.  I have two kids in third and fourth grade that were looking to me to finish out their school year.  I admit that my glass of wine at the end of the night was something that I looked forward to.  Judge me if you want…  We were all finding our “New Normal” and I really hate that term, but it was true.  No longer did I get up and go to lunch meetings, conferences, drinks with clients, client meetings, etc…  Now, I was starting the balance of learning zoom, teaching my kids a full day, fitting in work and being stuck in the house with no escape… It was not something that I wanted to get use to.  I cried many nights after I had been emailed several times by the teachers that we were missing something, did the wrong assignment, did the assignment incorrect, etc.…  As a mom you can only take so much and as a mom you think it is your responsibility to get everything done yourself.  I realized after a few weeks where my strengths were and where they were not.  Let us just say if you follow me on Instagram Elementary School Math was not my strength.  For me I have always liked to look at the positive and I was seeing a darker side of myself.  I tried to focus on what I could control and how I can make myself and everyone else a little happier through this hard time. 

It has not been easy for any of us, but I have been lucky that COVID did not take any of my loved ones.  It was hard going for months without seeing anyone.  Zoom came in very handy to visit with friends and family.  I did stop doing the podcast through most of this time but happy to say that I have started doing them again!  Moms are calling in to do the podcast and it has been a lot of fun and I have been able to speak with moms I have never met from other states.  We are now several months into our new lives and no end in sight.  The schools are already talking about going virtual in the fall so looks like I am going back to homeschooling my kids.  This is the first year in the 11 years that my kids did not go to summer camp.  It is just MOM MOM MOM!  My son did say that his favorite thing about COVID is that I am making amazing dinners for all of us!  I loved hearing that and he is right because I am not running everyone to different practices all night long.  We have time to sit down and enjoy our time together.  That part has been great and to my surprise I am enjoying all this togetherness.  The kids and I started taking walks and doing more things.  We have time for a lot more now.  We don’t have sports, dance and gymnastics schedules running us around like crazy people.  It has been great for our family life but has not been great for the kids to interact with their friends.  My son has been playing Fortnite which I am allowing him to play with his friends from school. He has been loving it and I have been letting him play more than I normally would.  He has said to me that when he is playing, he feels connected to his friends so how can I take that away from him.  My daughter is different she does not play as many video games, but she has a few girlfriends that play so she can stay connected.  She will go outside and swing on her swing set.  She goes more places with me, and we try to do a mommy/daughter Froyo trip once a week.  We just sit in the car and eat it.  She loves it and so do I!

My Instagram page has given me a great outlet to be creative, chickee, and express how I have been feeling.  I wanted to provide content that would resonate with other moms.  Things that we were thinking and feeling but maybe were not say.  I used my experiences as a why to hopefully make other mothers feel like they were not alone and give them something to laugh at. I hope everyone is doing well and continues to stay positive during this time.  I will continue to do my part and bring a little lighthearted fun to your day with my mom posts.

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