Asking for HELP

Is asking for “HELP” a dirty word? As women and mothers, do we feel like
asking for assistance is a bad thing? Are we taught as little girls that we are the glue that holds everything together? During my generation of growing up, most moms didn’t work. I watched my mother do everything. My dad worked to provide for us; the typical “hunter” and my mom was the “gather”. She ran the house; cooked, cleaned, shopped, and took care of me. She never had “help”. In todays world things are so different. Women work and fathers stay at home to raise the kids. Roles are no longer the traditional values that they once were in the 50’s. I sometimes feel like I get ridiculed by my mom because of the way I have raised my kids. Is it because I asked for “HELP”? I started my business 15 years ago and when my first son was born I had a full time nanny that started almost immediately after he was born. But keep in mind there was no maternity leave for me. My clients expected my job to continue even after the birth. I went back to work immediately and started going on meetings in less than two weeks after he was
born. I could have never done that without the help of my husband at the time and our nanny. When my second child came along two years later our nanny of almost three years left. When my youngest was ten months, I hired an Au Pair to come live with us. I also had someone come and clean once a week. Asking for help didn’t make me a bad mom or wife, instead it gave me the time to work and be better for my family. Now as my kids are older, I don’t have the childcare like before. Just a sitter here and there and no more cleaning service… the kids can help more LOL. However, currently as I am writing this I am away for a work conference and my kids are with their dad this week. Also I have a wonderful woman house sitting and taking care of my dogs. So again I couldn’t do what I do without “HELP”. You might be reading this thinking I don’t have the means to have that kind of help. Maybe you do and maybe you don’t, the point I hope to make is that asking for assistance isn’t bad and doesn’t make us weak as women and especially as Mothers.

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