Summer Break

I was with one of my girlfriends the other night, and we were enjoying
our evening with no kids, but of course most of our conversation revolved around our children. Her daughter has been away for the last 6 weeks staying with her father in another state. She will be returning this weekend and her “mock” single life will come to an end. It’s funny because we always meet right after she leaves and there are tears of sadness and thinking how long 6 weeks is going to be, but then fast forward 6 weeks later… Once everyone gets into the new routine you do get used to the situation. Mommy lets herself enjoy the freedoms of not worrying about her daughter every minute of the day, her daughter gets used to the new routes her father has started and her father has to get used to having his daughter there 24/7 for 6 weeks. Every one of them must adjust to a new way and then when it’s over… My girlfriend is so excited to have her back and go back to the close mother/daughter relationship they have! What are some of your family routines that change for the summer? Mine aren’t that their father takes them for weeks at a time. We still follow the same schedule, but with the occasional switching days here and there if we take the kids places. I have so much respect for the moms and dads that split their summers up like that. Especially when you don’t live in the same state. I know it can’t be easy to not have your kids for several weeks. I know when I’m away from my children for a week which luckily isn’t often, I really miss them. However thanks to technology, I can at least facetime them and see their sweet little faces. And for you parents that are still married with kids, when do you get a break? I hope you can at least go on one adult vacation a year even if it’s just a long weekend. It’s so important to have that time with your spouse.

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