Who’s Been sleeping in your BED?

One of the topics that we discussed on last week’s podcast was letting
your child sleep with you. I guess the question is when is it time to make your child move to his or her own room? I know when they are babies and we bring them home, most sleep right next to us in their bassinets. Then after a few months you move them to their crib and from there the progression starts. However, what if you are a parent that allows your kids to sleep in bed with you still at age 10? I know a few moms that still do that. There is no right answer; I guess it’s a matter of preference, or if everyone doesn’t mind a crowded bed. Here is my opinion and I am just speaking for me, not any of the other mothers that let their children sleep in their beds… I have always been a HARD NO. From the time my kids were infants I have not let them sleep with me. Now there have been times when they are very sick or have an ear infection (which are the worst and only seem to happen at night) that I let them sleep with me, but it was and still is rare. I have never been a fan of having my kid sleep on top of me, next to me, kicking
me, hitting in the face with their arms as they roll over ETC… None of that sounds like fun for me. I want to get a good night’s sleep, because without it I am no go to them or myself the next day. In the beginning, especially with my son his sleep pattern
was terrible. My ex-husband and I use to take turns trying to get him to sleep through the night. This all changed when I was getting my hair done by my wonderful styles Nichole Whittington who has been doing my hair for more than 15 years. (Side note she is AMAZING!) I was sitting in her chair, tired from not getting enough sleep, when she said I needed to meet her next client. It was Kim West author of
The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight. I met her and she gave me hope that I could put an end to sleepless nights, as long as I followed the steps outlined in the book. It was not an overnight miracle, but my ex and I committed to her program and IT WORKED! By the second kid you just let them cry it out in the crib, but luckily
my second was a great sleeper. Speaking of the Sleep Lady I’d love to have her on the podcast. I think she would give a lot of insight to us mothers and the many challenges we face. Maybe I can get her to be a future guest!

So let me ask you this; are you “FOR your child sleeping with you” or
“AGAINST your child sleeping with you”? And does your partner feel the same way… Now that’s the question!

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