What Stage of Life are you In?

Last night I was enjoying a relaxing evening at a local restaurant on
the water in Annapolis with two of my girlfriends… We were enjoying a bottle of Rose’ when an interesting discussion was brought. We realized that all 3 of us had kids turning 10 in the month of July. My girlfriend started talking about the different stages
of our lives and how sometimes we hope to skip to the next before we experience our current stage. I told her that was a great topic for today’s blog and here it is, so thank you Rebecca for this great idea

It starts when you are younger and I already hear it from my kids especially
from my youngest. She is 2 years younger than her brother and this Saturday July 27th is both their birthdays… That’s right I had them on the same day just 2 years apart. And it was not a planned C-section. They were both natural births that just happen to
be on the same day. Secretly the kids love it. Like I said my oldest will be 10 and my youngest will be 8, but she is already saying how she can’t wait to be 10. She already wants to wish away 2 years and go right to double digits. I remember I couldn’t wait
to be 13 to be a teenager, then 16 so I could drive, and who can forget 21 so you can drink! Are we missing our current stage because we are always wishing to get to the next one? It seems that it’s always about what you can do next. Now at our age we aren’t
saying I can’t wait to turn 50, but the conversation last night was about the next stage and it was more about getting the kids off to college and our retirement. LOL my how things have changed, but it did get me thinking that we are all still doing it. Maybe
not wishing to get to a birthday number. If anything else, we might be approaching the time where we want our birthday number to stop. Now it’s about slowing down and what we are going to do when all the kids are out of the house. So does that mean we are wishing
our family time away? I wish I could stop time today so my son doesn’t turn 10 on Saturday. I want him to stay in the single digits for as long as he can. I know they can’t wait to turn certain ages, so they can have more freedom, but I’m not ready to let this
stage of their life go. Maybe because it changes my stage as well. It was an interesting conversation last night about how 3 mom’s looked at our upcoming stages for us and our children. This could have the makings of a great podcast

Let’s all take some time to slow things down and enjoy the stage that
we are currently in and try not to look ahead to the next one and then the one after that. Before you know it all the good stuff has passed us by and we missed it. Take notice of today and enjoy it!

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