Taking Risks

I was picking up my daughter tonight from gymnastics and she started
asking me about taking risks and pushing herself. She asked if I was proud of her for trying new things and putting herself out there. Of course I praised her and told her how impressed I was of her, for always trying new things and not letting fear get the
better of her. I certainly wasn’t like that at eight years old.

This conversation got me thinking about writing a blog. Why do we take
more chances as kids and less in our adult life? Is it that we know what the consequences are for taking “THE RISK”? Is it because we know we have adult responsibilities and it holds us back? Or are we afraid of getting hurt? Maybe you are either a risk taker
or you aren’t. Which one are you? If you hate your job, do you get a new one or start your own business? If you have great ideas, are you afraid to share them because you are fearful that people aren’t going to understand it? As we get older, do the risks we
take become fewer and farther between? I’m taking a risk with this podcast and blog. I want
to become something more than just a way for me to express myself
and have cocktails with my girlfriends. I want it to help other moms with things they are going through or a way for them to talk about their parenting and relationship experiences. These are all risks that I am willing to take and I want to show my daughter
that it’s okay to be a little risky. You need to have a plan and know that big risks can lead to big rewards, but there is always a possibility that things won’t go as planned. What if all your hard work doesn’t pay off? Well at least you tried and you pick
yourself back up and try something else. That’s the great thing about it, you can keep trying until you find something that works.

I’m proud of my daughter for being a risk taker as long as she understands
her limits. As a mom that is part of my job; to keep her safe and to help guide her in the right direction. When she tells me she wants to be on America’s Got Talent, I don’t laugh and tell her that’s a hopeless dream. I encourage her to find something that
she is good at and stick with it. Of course she is going to try many different things, but it’s good to explore when you are a kid, because as adults we all know it’s much harder. This blog goes out to my mommy risk takers!

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