Finding Time

First, I want to thank my “mommy overnight camp” mommies for a fabulous trip! It was a fun well needed trip to bond as moms and let our hair down. I was hoping to have done a podcast but we were having so much fun we weren’t able to fit it in. However, I want to do a podcast with the both of them together because I know it would be packed with great ideas and parenting tips!

So, today I met with a fellow mom that is interested in starting her own business and is also Health Coach and Wellness Expert. We were set up through a friend who felt we had many similarities. It was so inspiring speaking with someone that is trying to ramp up her online presents like me. We had relatable stories and parenting experiences. We both could relate to finding time to fit things in for family, kids and us as moms and women. As I’m speaking with other moms, no matter what their age, what age their kids are, whether they are married or not we are all looking to manage our time. Some of us work full time jobs during the day and have kids and family life in the evening so our only time to work on our passion projects is at night after everyone is in bed or before everyone wakes up. When you feel passionate about something you need to see where it’s going to take you. I just don’t mean a new career – it could be anything. I saw on my Facebook page today that one of friends finally was able to get her flower garden in order and she was so proud to share it. And as a fellow flower/garden lover I thought it looked beautiful and I’m jealous that I am not fitting gardening into my time this year. But that’s a passion and a commitment to stay on top of it and make it lovely! I guess what I am trying to say in this blog is don’t let your passions go and “Find Time” I’d love to hear about some of your passions. You are welcome to send me pics and a write up on what it is and I will add it to the blog and Facebook page!

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