Mommy’s Overnight Camp

How important is it for moms to get away with other mothers on overnight
trips? Do you feel that it’s healthy to go away with other moms for a night, to have fun and leave the kids behind? I would like to know what other mom’s thoughts are on this and if they participate in it or not. In the summer we typically plan trips for the
family and for a getaway with our spouse, but do you plan a getaway with your other mothers/ girlfriends

My vote is YES and here is why. When you go away with other moms everyone
can relate to each others situation and you can spend some and I mean SOME TIME talking about the kids. Now after you have talked about all your fun summer activities with the family and some of your challenges you can let your hair down and not feel the “Mommy
Guilt” because you are with other moms that want a break just like you. Summers can be hard on moms. We coordinate so much more in the summer – vacations, camps, and sometimes we arrange for our kids to go to different camps every week. Trust me, that’s not
easy to work out all the logistics for the 11 weeks our kids are out of school. Not only do we have to remember their schedule a lot of these camps have different themes every week or trips that they take daily and you MUST keep all that straight, so your
kids are dressed appropriately. IT’S A LOT OF EXTRA WORK!!

So why shouldn’t moms take one night and go away to camp? I have done it
the last 4 or 5 summers and I look forward to it every year. It’s my annual girl’s overnight boating trip. Myself and a few moms take the boat and go away someplace fun, stay in a hotel, have a nice dinner and RELAX. I suggest if you are not doing this, then
you should DO IT!!!! It’s one night out of the summer. If you can go away longer good for you, GO…

We haven’t had a challenge in a while so my challenge is to go away for the
night with girlfriends and have fun!

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