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Currently, I am not looking at the beautiful beach and drinking my #mommysdrinkofchoice.
Instead I am now home from my fantastic vacation. I am sitting in my kitchen looking at my beautiful flower arrangement while I am writing this blog – nice, but not the same. Last week was spent sleeping in and having my tea on the balcony while overlooking
the ocean, and then walking to a restaurant for a delicious breakfast. Tanning in the warm sun, drinking all day, and then having an amazing dinner under the stars, all with Brad by my side…Fast forward a week later and I am awoken by my alarm, preparing
the kids’ breakfast, making their lunches, driving them to camp, taken them to dentist appointments, going with them to the pool, shopping, making them dinner, and GOING BACK TO WORK. Unfortunately, none of which has Brad by my side. What a difference a week
makes, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I LOVED my alone time with Brad. It was a relaxing dream-come-true trip! I wouldn’t change my summer routine with the kids. That vacation helped me relax and it continues to help me be a more present mommy. You need a balance
of both in your life. As moms we love our time with our kids, but we also love our time without them too! We might not want to talk about it because we feel a little “mommy guilt”, but we need that time to reconnect with ourselves as a woman (not a mommy) and
our partners or spouses. Here’s to many more vacations with and without my kids!

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