Parenting Your Children From Another State/Country

As I am sitting in St. Lucia poolside drinking another wonderful frozen drink
this thought came to mind…. How can I parent my kids from here??? I spoke to my kids the other day over the phone. They are visiting their grandparents for the first time in Georgia and are having a blast. However, when I hear they are driving a golf cart
around the property trying to make the other one fall out, I’m a little concerned about the safety of it all. I know their grandparents would not let anything happen to them, but I’m so far away and I’m trying to tell my kids to be safe and watch out for each
other… I think this might be a time that I have to “let it go”! I know I can’t control everything with my children, but the question is still there. As my kids get older and go places without me and then eventually leave for college, how do you still stay
in their ear? I guess you just have to hope you raised them right.

I hope to do the podcast later today. A vacation podcast with Brad! What could
be better?

#bradsdrinkofchoice something cold and strong to help him get through it.

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