Vacationing with My Baby without My Babies

Today is the first full day of my adult vacation. I am with my baby (Brad),
but I’m without my babies. My little ones are disappointed that they are not on the trip, but I have to say I’m ok with it. Yes I felt sadness when I left them and I am more nervous to fly now, since I am a mom, but I did it! Are there any other moms out there
that feel the same way about flying once they became a mother? I just spoke to my little Ava and she was not happy that her mom is laying by the pool. Tomorrow she will be even more jealous because we are going out on a boat. I know they are having fun on their
trip as well, but it’s a different kind of vacation. This is my second trip with Brad in 2 years and he does it right! We have our own private butler and a beautiful bathtub on our balcony! I only wish I could share the pictures…. lol! We will be doing a
podcast later this week and I can’t wait. It will be our first one! So my point is, enjoy your “mommy time” away from your kids because our every waking moment is spent worrying about them.

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