First Kid Vacation Without Mommy

I take a deep breath just thinking about my kids going away without me. OMG I’m a little nervous about it. This is the first time my kids are going on a trip with my absence for more than two days. They are going to spend time with their dad’s parents in Georgia for 14 days!!!!  I know they are in good hands and will have so much fun, but I can’t help that I am freaking out about it. Their father is driving them down and their grandparents will be bringing them back. They live on a farm with amazing animals for the kids to take care of and fruits and veggies to pick. I just hope they venture out from their selective food palate and eat some of the food they help pick. I don’t know how many other moms have done this, but we had a vegetable garden a few years ago. Since they would be growing the food themselves I had hoped to get them to eat more veggies. Didn’t work. I ended up eating everything and giving stuff away.  Who knows, maybe their grandparents will be able to get them to do it. Anyway, I’m off topic back to my fears of letting my kids go away without me. I think I’m a little more nervous because as part of my “mommy time” I will be taking this opportunity while they are away to go on a trip myself. Which means I will be unable to speak to them for a week. I have never gone that long without speaking to them. I know it will be challenging for both them and I, but at the same time, maybe it will be a nice break for all of us. I did buy them an “I Miss You” card that I will send it while they are gone. I thought they might like to hear from me, since they can’t speak to me. Crazy???  Maybe, but I thought it was sweet. I use to love to get notes from my mom in my lunchbox when I was in elementary school. I do that for them every once in a while, just because I loved it so much as a kid. I don’t know how the moms can handle sending their kids off for weeks in the summer. I think if I wasn’t going away and could talk to them every day, then I’d be better about the whole thing. What I’m not going to do is let it ruin my trip. I plan to let go and not overthink the situation. Like I said, I know my kids are in wonderful hands and they will have a great time on their vacation!

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