Mom’s Parenting VS. Dad’s Parenting

I want to thank Jeremy for being my first Daddy yesterday on my podcast!  I could not have asked for a better first father. His story was so touching about meeting his current wife, adopting her son, and now having their first baby girl.  If only you could have watched him tell me the story. It was like there was a light over his face with a big smile and tears in his eyes. He was so raw and vulnerable. It touched my heart and really opened my eyes on a dad’s perspective.  Jeremy was so honest and sincere about his situation it made for an amazing podcast. For that I thank you!

I look forward to the next dad that is interested in coming on and telling his story.  Everyone’s story is different and unique. It’s always exciting to listen and learn from somebody else.

Yesterday taught me that dads are no different than moms. They love their family and want to protect their kids. As far as the parenting styles of course we are different, but I don’t think it comes down to if you are the mother or the father.  There is always one parent who is stricter than the other; you will always have the “good cop, bad cop” situation. Which parent are you?  Do you find that if your parents were more flexible when you were growing up then you are now more strict? Or if your parents were strict with you when you were a child then you are flexible with your kids?  It’s always a parenting pattern. I know I am more on the flexible side, but I can be strict when I need to. I grew up in a very structured and organized household. Everything was very neat and put in its place with lots of rules and boundaries. So needless to say, I do not run my household in the same way that I was raised.

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