Who’s your Daddy?

Finally, the wait is over, my first daddy will be on my mommy’s podcast!  I am so excited to hear from a dad’s point of view regarding marriage, kids, work, and finding his daddy time.  I am always so surprised when a guy friend of mine tells me one, that they read my blog and two, they listen to my podcast.  Since I have started doing this, I have had several men say they wanted to be on my podcast. I now have my first dad who has signed up to do it.  This opens the door for a different perspective, and I can’t wait.  I am going to be asking him similar questions that I ask the moms, so I’m interested to hear how they differ.  I wish this was a call-in show, because I’d love to have some of the moms call and ask questions. Also, coming soon I have asked my first married couple with a blended family to come on.  I think both podcasts will bring a lot of insight into what men think, how they feel, and how they handle the same pressures that the moms do, but process it so differently.  I hope everyone will enjoy them as much as I am going too!

Tomorrow’s #daddysdrinkofchoice is Bourbon.  Now that’s a REAL DADDY DRINK.  Here’s a drinking game for my listeners, when you listen to my podcast drink every time you hear someone say “daddy” …  ENJOY

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