Mommy Guilt

Mommy Guilt every mom has it! Tomorrow’s podcast is going to be all about mommy guilt. I have been speaking to so many moms lately about their parenting styles and how they feel guilty. It’s amazing how much we all feel the same guilt. Either we are working too much, not doing enough for them, leaving them at home, their education and so much more… But we shouldn’t feel guilty about any of these things. We are moms and the most important thing to us is our kids. We do all of this to give them a better life, an easier life and make them strong. Why do we focus only on the negative and/or worry about what other people/moms thinks about us? I need to think of a new phase that is equivalent to “Keeping up with the Joneses” If the Kardashian can make it their own then us moms should have a saying about our guilt and our need to please EVERYONE. I know I sometimes wonder what the other moms think about my parenting style but here’s the thing my kids are loved, taken care of, healthy and most importantly happy so I must be doing something right. I am looking forward to talking with my guest mom tomorrow Pamela and getting her thoughts on how she feels about being a mom and all the pressures she feels from work life, home life, kids and fitting in time for herself.

Her #mommiesdrinkofchoice is a vodka gimlet! This will be a great way to kick the weekend off!

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