It’s the Little Things

I truly believe that it’s the little things in life that mean the most. The little gestures, doing something without being asked, and not always putting your needs first. I love when my kids do something without me having to ask them. It’s the sweetest thing when your kids pick up their room or try and make you something to eat because you aren’t feeling well. Here’s my little thing that happened this weekend. If any of you are on my Facebook page you saw me post pictures all weekend for my anniversary with Brad. We have been dating for two years and it just gets better and better. We had a busy long weekend packed with things to celebrate. Plus, I like to go back to the place we first met to have a drink every year! We played golf, we went boating, and we went to see Bob Seger (Who I love) just to name a few things! It was an amazing weekend and I loved every minute of it. But as much as I loved it and would not have asked to do it any differently the best gift he gave me was on Monday when my kids came home he went to the community pool with us. You might be thinking what’s so special about that well it meant the world to me because he loves to go out on his boat fishing and that day he wanted to be with ALL OF US. It’s not like we didn’t have our amazing weekend alone together he could have easily said I’m going fishing for a few hours but he didn’t. Instead he helped me pack the car and drag everything to the pool for a few hours and watched my kids swim because the water was a little too cold to get in. It was the kind of water only a kid wants to play in. After an afternoon at the pool we cooked out on the grill and then we settled in to watch the movie Tangled. It’s a cute Disney animated movie that he sat and watched with us. Not only did he have a smile on his face he laughed at all the funny parts. All I could do was smile… And that’s what I mean about the little things. Things that don’t cost you anything but are worth more than anything.

A lot of times in my blog I challenge you to do something. Well this week do something little but that will mean so much to someone else!

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