Thank you

I wanted to thank everyone that reached out to me about my divorce. It meant a lot to receive so much love and support and to hear that there are other friends with similar stories. Now it’s time for new beginnings. Let the start of the summer be a new beginning with fun and adventure! I know my kids are happy to get out of school in a few more weeks and I’ll be happy that the book reports will stop for a little while! I am ready to just breathe again and not feel like I have a cloud over my head. This process has been long but I wouldn’t trade any of it because it wouldn’t have led me here. The blog and podcast was born from my separation. It started with me wanting to write a book about people going through hard times and coming out the other end happy. The blog and podcast is giving me the opportunity to share my story and the moms. I am having so much fun and it’s helping me heal. All the moms that have stepped up so far have been great and I can’t wait to have them on the podcast again. Right now I have my first dad scheduled for next week so make sure you listen to that one. Not sure what our topic is going to be yet but I do know that #dadsdrinkofchoice is Bourbon. That’s is nice dad drink and he’s going to need it… lol

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