When did School projects COST so Much?

It’s crazy how much it cost during the school year for all the school projects that are due. I wasn’t sure what today’s blog was going to be about until I went to buy my kids costume for his book report this week. OMG… I just spent $190 to buy him a baseball uniform with all the trimmings. I am proud that the kids are getting so into this but I would have been fine with him just reading it in front of the class. Is it just my school or is this happening all throughout the other schools? Is this a Private VS Public thing?

I love the school that my kids go to. I couldn’t ask for a better school. It was our choice when they were young to send them to private school. I am happy that we are able to send them to a private school but do you have the same concerns that I do? Do you feel the projects are out of hand? Maybe I shouldn’t be complaining but this is how I feel today and I want to express it. I said when I first started this that I would be honest about what I am posting and how it relates to me and my family. As my children are getting older there is a greater cost to the school projects. I don’t remember that being the case when I was in school but I might not remember. This might be a question I ask my mom. Maybe this is just one of those days that I just want to say I AM TIRED OF SPENDING MONEY. I am happy to support the school and my kids however I can and I can’t wait to go watch the presentation later this week. I just hope I can return the stuff I bought for the presentation because he is never going to use it again. LOL Should I say that out loud? I can’t be the only mother feeling this way? Someone else has to think that in the 3rd grade some of these projects are a little over the top? Is anyone with me?

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