Spring Cleaning

Before I start I want to thank my guest mommy Marcy for doing my podcast this week, “Can we do it all?”. I was so happy to have her on! Her #mommysdrinkofchoice was Chardonnay. It was a blast and I appreciated her honesty.

I know that Spring has already started but with all this rain here in Maryland who could tell. I started thinking about how I feel during each season and the things that I like to do. You always hear the term “Spring Cleaning”. When I was little my mother use to do her Spring Cleaning which was cleaning all the windows, baseboards, changing the curtains, changing all the bedspreads, changing out all of our closets from winter to summer clothes and so much more. When I think of Spring I do remember that time but that isn’t what goes on in my house. I start to look at the yard and think what projects can I start – start planting the flowers, start a vegetable garden with the kids (hoping they will eat what they grow but it never happens), getting out the spring and summer clothes, and how I can Spring clean my life. Maybe that can be my new tagline for this season, “Spring Clean my Life”! I do look around the house this time a year and wonder what can I do without? Kind of like my podcast with Becky “Living Lighter”. I do feel like time gets away from me. I make my lists and start doing things but then before I know it here comes Fall. That’s right Fall because I don’t know where summer goes. I was just looking at my calendar for summer trying to justify paying for another summer to go to the community pool. As I am looking at the calendar almost every “kid weekend” is full of things to do. Where does the time go…

What would you like to clean up this Spring? Do you make the time to do it? I’ll be honest I like to hire someone to do a lot of things. I really need to hire someone that can come over and organize my house hold!

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