Moms Vacation vs. Moms Trip

As a mom when we go on vacation with your kids is it really a vacation or just a trip?

What I mean by that is it truly a relaxing getaway? Or is more work but in a beautiful location?

I mean think about all the things we need to do to get ready for the vacation/trip. I’ve talked to so many moms that dread going on vacation with “The Family”. I know I enjoy going on trips with my kids but I do LOVE going on VACATION without them. There is so much you have to pack and get ready for when you have your kids. First, you are looking for a family friendly place. Some place where your kids can be entertained. Now, when you are looking for vacation/trip packages you are looking for the kid adult combo. You want a place that the kids can have fun and the parents try to enjoy their selves too. BUT as a mom can you enjoy your vacation with your kids? Or is it just a trip you are trying to get through? As you look on Facebook you see all the amazing family vacation pictures but how many did you take to get the famous 5 good one? How long did it take you to get everyone perfectly lined up -sitting still – not messing with their siblings – making funny faces because they don’t want to take the picture… I can go on and on. I love being with my kids and taking them to new places but its work. There is no sleeping in – no slow moving days – no really enjoying your margarita by the pool it’s more like up early – moving fast – and a quick drink if you are lucky enough to get them in a kid’s activity program for the day. Now keep in mind mine are seven and nine so if you have teenagers it’s completely different and adult children even better!

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