Can Moms Play Hooky?

Can Moms play Hooky?

That is the question – should moms get to play hooky for just one day? I think yes! But when is the best time to do it? Good Question! We still have so many responsibilities to our kids, our jobs, our LIVES. How do we escape the life challenges and play hooky. When we were in high school right before we graduated we had senior hook day. Could that be the first time we were told to take a break before things get to crazy with our lives? Take a break from school before real life starts? And why did we stop? Should we get a day just to goof off like we did when we were kids?

I think it’s important. It’s like a mental health day. And heaven help us if we get SICK. Now that is a nasty four letter word. I am not feeling a 100% this week and my kids are trying to step up and run the house. I laugh because my daughter at seven is trying to take on my role. She offered to make me soup last night and she told her older brother it was time for his shower and did he need her to get the shower ready for him. It was very sweet…

But both situations we don’t have time for. We don’t have time to play hooky and really don’t have time to get sick. Especially, if you are a single parent. One of my fears after my husband and I separated was what do I do if I get the flu? Who would take care of the kids if I got really sick??? Now that they are older I don’t really think about that too much. I’ve moved on to playing hooky. LOL

Think about it – how do we play hooky with our day to day lives? Do you think you could play hooky one day a MONTH?

I would really like to hear from my mom’s on this. Do you play hooky and if you do what do you do?

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