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The housed is finally quite my dad, Mary and Uncle Anthony have left to go back home to New Jersey – Brad left to go home and get ready for his work week and it’s just me, the kids and the dogs. I have time to reflect about my daughters first communion that was the day before. We have been getting ready for months. All the prep work, homework, buying her dress (which she looked like an angel in), working with the restaurant to host a lunch for my friends and family and praying that the weather cooperates. I could not have asked for a better day! It’s a great thing when everyone can come together for a special event. Since our separation you hope for the best when both families get together again. This year I’m introducing my boyfriend to my ex’s parents and we are all sitting down at the same table for lunch. Coming together for our daughter to make her day a special memory. Her godparents live an hour away and made the trip with their two amazing boys to be at the church by 9:15am (now that’s love). I met the godmother our senior year in high school and her husband when they started dating at 21. My best friend was there Becky who was on my podcast about living lighter. She is the godmother to my son and my ex’s parents came in from Georgia. My mother was there to share in the event and I couldn’t have asked for more for my daughter. When I put the dress own her and then the veil I teared up. I felt like I was looking at my little angel and getting a glimpse into her future and seeing what she might look like on her wedding day. Yesterday was a day where words do not do it justice. Seeing how happy she was surrounded by everyone she loves. She was also happy to see that her father and mother could come together for a family picture with her. It was the first one in many many years. It’s all for them I don’t care what has happened between her father and I it’s important to me that they never really know. I want them to see we can get along and be in the same room together and come together for them.

After the luncheon my dad, Mary, Uncle Anthony and Brad came back to my house to continue the celebration. That’s after some of them took naps… LOL. I always enjoy when they are here for the weekend. The kids look forward to having them and are always counting down the days when they know they are coming. We continued celebrating with dinner later that evening and cake! Of course what would I do without Mary she is always such an amazing help! There is nothing she can’t do, fix, make or plant!

It was a weekend full of love!

I dedicate this blog to my beautiful daughter. With love your mommy

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