First, I want to thank Becky again for doing my podcast on Friday. If you haven’t listen to it yet go to the Anchor podcast App and give it a listen. We had a blast talking about downsizing, living lighter and our Mothers. It amazes me how we start off with a topic and what we are going to talk about and then it evolves into something else entirely. I think that is what I am finding I love most about doing the blog and the podcast. I never know where it’s going to take me that day. I find that I’m now always thinking about what would be a fun and interesting type for both. I also feel that it’s been great for the moms in my circle because they are getting into it too… Giving me fun things that I might want to do or talk about. This has been therapeutic for me and I am LOVING EVERY MINTUE OF IT!

Just sitting here today trying to find my voice – I’ve been thinking about what I did over the weekend and who I spoke with, what I saw, family members are sending me article about stress and being a mom to read, and what I want to write about. I was having my hair done last week and my stylist who I’ve been going to for over 15 years couldn’t believe I was doing all of this. She was like the girl who never did social media has now thrown herself into it. I told her that it’s hard to come up with all the blogs every day. She asked me why I don’t just write out a few a day and release one everyday so it’s easier. I told her that sounded like a great idea but what I write in the blog has to hit me that day. It could be anything that gets me thinking about what to write so I couldn’t just write several and send one out a day. I wish I could but my brain doesn’t work that way. My process is more organic and something has to hit me. I may not hit it out of the park every time but that’s my life not every day is lollipops and roses.

My big focus this week is my daughter’s first communion on Sat. It’s a special day for her and a proud day for me. I have a lot to balance this week with meetings, one large conference, family coming in town, my daughter and I agreeing on her hair style for that day – you may be laughing but for those of you that have girls this is no small thing. She has a strong opinion on what she wants her hair to look like that day and so do I. Honestly, that stresses me out more than anything… OMG what will it be like when she is a teenager going to the prom she’s only seven and driving me crazy. I am going to have to do a hair run through this week so I am not stressed out morning of trying to do her hair!

Any great hair suggestions out there please send them to me…

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