Living Lighter

Do you ever feel like the walls in your house are closing in on you? That the crap is just pilling up and up. And with every Holiday, Birthday, and the trips to 5 and below you have more stuff then you and your kids can handle. I feel that way all the time. Especially, after Christmas! It’s not as bad as when the kids were little but there is still a lot of stuff around that we don’t need. Sometimes, I just want to take a shovel and get rid of everything. I do the same thing with my clothes and shoes. I need another room just for them and if I ever get around to it I am making one of the bedrooms into one big closet! But that’s not really helping the problem. What do you decide to keep and what do you decide to donate, giveaway or just plain old throw away? Sometimes, I feel like I need a bigger house between the kids and the dogs. But instead of making room for it how do I let it go? Could I let it go if I had to? Could my kids do without some of their things? Could I downsize? Could you downsize? The reason I am asking myself these questions and you is because the mommy that I am having on my podcast this week has done just that. Her and her family has downsized and she loves living lighter!

My next mommy is Becky and we have been friends for 25 years. She has been married to her husband for 19 years and has a beautiful son who is 12. We have been the best of friends and have seen each other through amazing times and not so amazing times. I look forward to sharing some great stories and talking about how her and her family are downsizing!

Becky’s #mommysdrinkofchoice is Kir Royale in memory of her father. He was a wonderful man!

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