Definition of juggle – Verb “Continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at last one in the air while handling the other, typically for the entertainment of other.” – Noun “an act of juggling”

A moms definition of juggle – working a fulltime job either in the corporate world or running your house hold, cooking, cleaning, car pool, activity runs, crafts for school work, homework, animals, laundry, cat like reflexes if something is falling, keeping your bored kids entertained and that only begins to name a few of the balls us moms have in the air. The funny part to anyone looking in is waiting for us to drop one so everything else falls apart.

This topic came to me last night before bed because sometimes that is the only time have to THINK in PEACE. I thought about everything I did that day. My kids are home on Spring Break this week and as much as I would love to take them somewhere it’s not in the cards this year. So my day yesterday was getting up making them breakfast, getting myself ready for a work luncheon – which means full hair and makeup – not the low maintenance look I do to run to the mall or store, rushing them to my mother’s to watch – making two luncheon and snacks to bring so my mother has it easy, then rushing to my luncheon, rushing back to my moms, grab the kids, take them out for ice cream – mom guilt for not spending the day with them while they are off, then home where I read emails and catch up on work, plant a cabbage plant with my son, cook dinner, watch a movie, talk to my boyfriend who’s out of town, help a girlfriend and then fall into bed. I’m sure I left stuff out. All that is pretty much a normal day except for my kids being home. The point I am making is that mom’s juggle all day every day we are just so use to doing it we don’t realize how many balls we have in the air!

We should all join the circus because we would be the best juggling act Ringling Brothers has ever seen. Don’t be overwhelmed by everything you do in a day but be proud that we were built to do it. Women are the best at multi-tasking. I can do many things at once and get them done well. It just takes focus. Think about everything you do in a day and pat yourself on the back for getting it done and if you can’t get it all done there is always tomorrow. Maybe we should challenge ourselves to take just one ball out of the air each day this week… What would you take out?

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