What does it mean to be a single, separated or divorced parent during the holidays? I was with a few of my mommy friends over the last several days leading up to Easter and everyone had something different going on. It’s not easy during the holidays when you have to split the kid’s time between both parents. All of us have a different story and feel differently about our situations. No matter how you look at it it’s not ideal for any of us. Of course I am jealous of my girlfriends whose marriages are strong and they get to take their kids away for the holidays and spring break. I am sorry that I never had that opportunity to do it with my family when we were still a family. My kids ask me all the time how come we don’t get to go away on trips like our friends do??? So in creeps that MOMMY GUILT because you want to be able to have the “family experiences” for your kids. I was talking with a few moms whose kids went with their father for a long weekend this holiday on a plane. First, I am not a BIG fan of flying so the thought of putting the kids on a plane without me sends my anxiety into high speed. I can’t image… It also sounded like the traveling trip from hell with all the delays due to storms the eastern sea board was having last week. I am lucky in that sense because my kid’s father only lives about 20 minutes from me. But I didn’t have them for Easter this year either. I think we all do the same thing when we don’t have our kids FILL OUR TIME. The last thing you want to do is sit at home alone. And that is just what I did I FILLED MY TIME! I had drinks with several of my mommies whose kids were with their fathers for the holidays. It’s like a secret moms club that no one wants to talk about. I feel you always have to make the best out of whatever situation you are in. Try and always look at the bright side of things. Your kids are happy because they are spending time with their fathers and they know they are loved by both parents. Take this time as a mom to regenerate and get stuff done, catch up on your sleep, ready your magazine, clean your close (I look at my closet and think I really need to get you organized) and then I close the doors… lol. All I am really saying is they will be home soon and then your free time will be over and you won’t get to sit down again for days. No matter what your situation is enjoy your time no matter how you spend it!

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