Mommy’s Guide’s first Podcast

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback yesterday for Mommy’s Guide’s first podcast! I have listed below the different podcast location you will be able to get it on SOON. As for now, you can download the Anchor app to listen to it. It’s a free app. Just do a search on Mommy’s Guide to Happy Hour and I’ll come up. My plan is to do a podcast a week so I hope you will follow me and please tell other moms. I will have a mommy on every week that will give us different perspectives on their views on parenting, marriage, relationships and lol… wine!

I also, want to thank Rebecca for being my first mom. She made my job so easy. I didn’t feel like we had to force it and the conversation came pouring out of us. I hope you could relate to the conversation and like I said if there is a topic you’d like to hear just let me know. I am open and I invite any of the mom’s that are interested to please join me for one of the podcasts. It was a lot of fun and look forward to doing many more.


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