Mommy Time

This week I am going to be doing my first podcast and I am so excited! We are going to talk about being YOU first and a Mommy and Wife second. It’s ok to put YOU first; it’s healthy and it helps to make you a better mommy and wife. Think about all the times you have been stressed out over deadlines at work, not getting to the grocery store for dinner and trying to help your kids do their homework. OMG I just gave myself a headache writing that. But it’s true as women, mothers, and wives we don’t take enough time for us and if we do we are judge by dare I say it… other moms. We are our toughest critics and we need to stop it. It takes a village to raise a family. I can’t tell you how many times a few of my girlfriends have said that if we all lived together with our kids we’d have a much easier time with it. Think about it when you go away with a few moms and your kids it’s like a well-oiled machine. Everyone watches everyone else’s kid; you take turns cooking, cleaning and let’s face it having a few glasses of wine while doing it. The kids are even happier playing with it other. I’m not saying that dads and husbands don’t help; I’m saying it’s not the same.

I’ll be the first to say I LOVE my ME time. Maybe it’s because I didn’t start having kids until I was 37 or maybe it’s because it’s just how I am. I LOVE my time with my kids but when I have some time to myself it makes me a better mom. It could also be that I am separated and the kids are with me most of the time, so I can’t get a break when they are with me. I can’t say to my husband I’m having a challenging day with the kids and I need to run out for an hour to regroup. I can’t even try and sneak away to take a bubble bath because as soon as they figure out I’m in the tub all I hear is MOM so and so did this to me and so and so won’t stop doing this to me. And my daughter will always come in and say can I take a bath now because she likes that I fill the tub up so much more for me than her and put more bubbles in, so she wants me to get out and let her get in. And because I love her I usually do. So why is it important to get ME time… The answer is because IT JUST IS – Period End of Sentence. Don’t feel like you are being judged and if you are who cares. I’m telling you they just wish they could do it to. Don’t ever apologize for doing something for you. Making yourself healthy and happy makes for a healthier marriage and a happier family.

Last week, I challenged you to go outside your comfort zone. This week I am challenging you to take an hour once a day for you and if you can’t do it once a day do it three times this week. Go get your nails done, a facial, grab a drink with your girlfriend but DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR KIDS!!!! Like the flight attendant says on the plane, “In case of a crash and the oxygen masks drop down; place one over your face before doing so to your child.” There is a reason for this because you can’t help your child if you’re not breathing. So breath and let yourself have some wonderful ME TIME.

I hope you will listen to my podcast this week. I promise, it will be light hearted, helpful and fun. Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can have fun or be fun!

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