What motivates you? I think a lot of us ask ourselves that question. And does motivation differ between men and women? For women is it the sense of accomplishment? Completing a task? Our kids? Getting in shape for a vacation? – For men is it money? Is it family? Getting in shape for vacation… lol. Who am I kidding men don’t care that much about their dad bods on vacation. I wish I could walk around letting it all hang out there and not feel like I should starve myself to look better in my bathing suit.

I am asking this question because now that I am in my forties my motivation has changed. I was always motivated by money but now it is more than that. Yes, money still motivates me but for different reasons. I am motivated to be able to provide my kids with a lifestyle I didn’t grow up with. I am motivated to have my kids go to a good school. I am motivated to set a good example for them. Especially, for my daughter, I want her to see her mommy running her own business and taking chances. No one should give up on their dreams or passions no matter how old we are. I sometime think that starting something new is just for the young… But I want to say that is BS. I feel alive again and an excitement that I haven’t felt in a lone time. I am motivated to not fail and I am not even sure what not failing means. I know that I hope to reach other mommies out there that have similar situations to me and the mommies that I will be writing about and having on my podcast. I feel like everyone has helpful information even if we don’t see it ourselves. I feel it right now as I am writing this. I’m thinking does anyone really care what I have to say. Well maybe not but I am putting myself out there anyway and sharing my stories.

I challenge you to try something new this week – something out of your comfort zone. And please share it with use.

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. As you know very well I am already “trying” something new!

    1. Alena you are doing an amazing job

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