Welcome Back!

First, I want to thank everyone who sent me warm wishes yesterday for my first blog. I was overwhelmed with joy on how much everyone liked it. I can’t tell you how long I sat there and looked at it before I got up enough courage to hit publish. I am hoping with each blog my insecurities will come up less and less. But I am thinking yesterday was the easy part because now I have to come up with creative things every day. Here we go…

I am excited to get the podcast up and running. I have two amazing mommies that have agreed to do the first episode. They are giving me some really good suggestions on how we can make the podcast fun. One thing that we are going to be doing is #mommysdrinkofchoice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. When you come on we will drink your drink of choice and we will post it on this site. Now, I am going to be completely honest if I don’t like your choice I will be drinking my drink of choice which is Prosecco. That drink will always be served during the podcast. I would love for you all to give me your ideas as to what you would like us to talk about and if you’d like to be on the podcast. I am going to start out slow and do one podcast a week. I actually have a funny story about earlier today. I was having a lunch meeting for my consulting company and the person I was meeting with is also friends with me on Facebook and he loved the blog. He wanted to know if I was ever going to have dads featured on the blog and the podcast. I told him the answer is YES. I would love to hear from our dads about their perspective on relationships, raising kids, balancing family and work. I think it’s a wonderful idea to hear from both sides. Especially, the single dads and their thoughts on parenting. If anyone is interested please reach out. Don’t be afraid to be the first guy. And FYI… I am going to feature my boyfriend Brad on the podcast as much as I can.

I plan on featuring my mommies that I have on the podcast in my blog for that week. I want you to get to know them before you listen to it. I plan to have fun pictures of them/us and give you the back story on who they are. I feel that it’s important to get to know them and understand where they are coming from.

Here’s my first parenting tip for enjoying meals out – I had dinner last night with one of my girlfriend’s and her daughter. We met through our kids at daycare many moons ago. We were sitting there able to enjoy our #mommydrinkofchoice because our kids don’t care that we are sitting there anymore. I remember a time when you were cutting everything up and getting refills because they were always spilling their drinks and they are calling MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY every minute. We were laughing because now each kid is looking at their tablet with their ear buds in and eating and drinking not saying a word. And that’s right I said it I/WE let them have their electronic devices when we go out to dinner because it makes our lives easier. We enjoyed girl talk, dinner and a drink and I won’t change one thing!

Thank you again for taking this journey with me!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. 🍾🎧🍔🥗🥖🥂🥃📱= 👍🏻😉

  2. Denise, so excited to read your blog! Keep posting and hold nothing back. You got this!!!

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